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One of the often repeated comments when discussing the range of WTB saddles is the fact that they are extremely comfortable for the rider. Apart from the fact that they perform well, provide you with a saddle that will last for mile after mile, they simply feel good.

WTB saddles are basically your standard looking saddles that cater for all types of riding styles and situations. Road, MTB, long distance cruising, pleasure and comfort the range has it all covered for both men and women. But the saddles have also be designed with technical features such as an extra supportive rear and a drop down nose as well as a center channel to protect sensitive parts of the body.

We can break the range of WTB saddles into three main categories: Racing; Performance and Recreation. We can do that because that is how the company differentiates the different saddles.

Listed below is a selection of WTB saddles that are currently commonly available to buy and are popularly used by bicycling enthusiasts of all standards. The saddles have been listed under the category that the company has allocated for them to help you in making your decision. In order to find out the difference between certain saddles that are listed within the same category we invite you to select the saddle to find technical information and specifications as well as buying details.

WTB Saddle Models – Information and Sales

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Racing Saddles
  WTB Volt
The Volt is the result of years of design evolution to produce a racing saddle that is packed with comfort features.
  WTB Valcon
The WTB Valcon saddle has been designed with the serious racing rider in mind.
  WTB Silverado
The WTB Silverado saddle is an elite road racing and cross country saddle that has been designed with the serious competitor in mind.
  WTB Devo
The Devo is a supportive saddle that may be used by either the road or the cross country rider.
  WTB Deva
The WTB Deva saddle features the saddle that has been developed for elite women and incorporates the same supportive shell design as the Devo.
  WTB Rocket V
The Rocket V is a lightweight versatile saddle that is comfortable for the longest of road riding and durable for the roughest of MTB terrain.
  WTB Vigo
The WTB Vigo saddle has been designed as a road and mountain bike saddle and is mid-width in size to give those who prefer a slightly wider saddle
  WTB Shadow V
The WTB Shadow V saddle is a high performance road racing saddle that is extremely lightweight and perfect for the serious competitor.
Performance Saddles
  WTB Laser V
The Laser V is a cross-country saddle that has a distinctively rounded shape and is suited for many hours in the saddle.
  WTB Pure V
The Pure V is a MTB saddle with a dropped nose and flicked up tail making it a base platform to generate plenty of pedalling power.
  WTB Aviator
The WTB Aviator saddle is a MTB saddle that is designed to perform during the downhill burns with a tough exterior that is going to survive the harshest of treatment.
The WTB SST saddle is a MTB saddle with a very distinctive drop nose design to give the rider the necessary freedom to quickly move around.
Recreation Saddles
  WTB Speed V
The WTB Speed V saddle is classed as a recreational saddle by the company and this is evident by the additional cushioning that can be seen along the rear sections.
  WTB Speed She
The WTB Speed She saddle is the very popular female specific recreational saddle in the WTB line. It has been designed with the female form in mind
  WTB Leisure She
The WTB Leisure She saddle is the perfect saddle for the very casual rider who is simply going to be pedaling around the city or to the beach.
  WTB Comfort V
The WTB Comfort V saddle is a deeply padded saddle that will suit someone who is looking for significant support as well as a wide area of sit bone support.

WTB Saddle Technology

Any good quality bicycle saddle manufacturer worth its salt is going to have developed technological features for the saddles that are being produced and WTB is no different. You will find the following innovations designed into the WTB range. A lot of this technology is aimed at providing a comfortable seat as well as one that will provide durable performance because the number one complaint with cyclists is pains in the backside.

You will notice that the terms described below are frequently used when describing the various models of WTB saddles on the individual product pages.

Love Channel

If you've got a depression in the saddle why not give it a name to remember and that is what WTB has done with the depression that runs down the middle of every WTB saddle. It is designed to relieve pressure on the soft tissue while ensuring the saddle remains strong and durable.

Comfort Zone

This is a cut-out window that is removed from the front part of the saddle to provide greater relief on sensitive body parts. It is a way of ensuring the long rides are going to be as comfortable as possible.


This is a comfort zone variation that is used specifically on the Valcon saddle and is another way in which the sensitive parts of the body are protected.

DNA Padding

This is a dense padding material that provides a cushioned seat without adding weight to the saddle. It also has memory foam capabilities which means that it will mold to the shape of your body to fit it more snugly.


This is a shock-absorbing dual-compound base that provides a rigid platform for efficient pedaling while also minimizing the vibration that is felt on rougher trails.

Flex-Tuned Shell

This is a mixture of flexibility and stiffness that has been designed to provide the rider that sits as a mid-range type of shell. It is not as supple as the Soft Shell but it is not stiff like the Carbon Composite shell.

Carbon Composite Shell

This is the top of the line shell that is lightweight and stiff to maximize the efficiency of the rider making it a high-performance shell.

ABR Corners

These are protective pieces that are added to the corners and sides of the saddles to protect them from bumps and scrapes.

Titanium Rails

Titanium is a metal that has a tremendous strength to weight rating and is used to produce quality lightweight saddles.

NiCro Rails

This is an alloy that is a lower cost material that enables the saddle to be made with a similar weight to titanium. They allow a very high quality of ride.