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Tioga Saddles

Possibly the most unusual brand of bicycle saddles available is the Tioga Saddles. They look like no other type of saddle thanks to the spider web membrane that serves as the saddle shell. The webbing provides the necessary cushioning that is provided by the foam padding of more conventional bicycle saddles and Tioga believes this provides a more comfortable riding experience.

Rather than creating saddles with channel cut-outs like the Specialized saddles or the dual nosed saddles made by Adamo, the cut-out pattern of the Spyder and Spyder Twin-Tail saddles are designed to give the rider the same relief to sensitive areas. The weight of the rider is properly distributed and the pressure points are eased across the entire saddle.

The Tioga saddles have been put through lab testing that confirms that the saddles surpass the recommended standards set for quality products. Although the saddle might not look as though it will stand up to a lot of heavy use it is anything but flimsy. That being said, it has been recommended by the company that the saddles be replaced after a full year of use to ensure their effective operation. This doesn’t mean that the saddle will not be usable after a year but its effectiveness to absorb shock properly may be diminished.

One of the advantages of making a saddle made from the construction and materials of the Tioga is that it is completely waterproof. The properties of other saddles tend to change when exposed to extreme or harsh weather conditions but this is not going to happen with a Tioga saddle.

Another concern for riders is the feeling that you may be too heavy for the Tioga saddles. The testing that has been performed has found that the shock absorbing capabilities of the Spyder and Spyder Twin-Tail will cater for riders up to 190 lbs. The D-Spyder does not have a weight limit.

The Tioga range extends to three types of saddle: two road saddles, the Spyder and the Spyder Twin Tail and a BMX or MTB saddle, the D-Spyder.