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Terry Women’s FLX Carbon Saddle

The Terry Women’s FLX Carbon saddle has been designed to provide an extremely lightweight saddle for riders looking for the best possible performance. The level of padding on this saddle is very small but the cutaway section from the front to the back provides the necessary flex to ensure that the saddle provides the rider with a comfortable ride.

The FLX Carbon features carbon rails which is where the majority of weight savings are made without losing any strength. The saddle cover is a soft leather to add to a luxurious feeling for the backside to perch.

The FLX range of saddles feature a shorter and narrower saddle than the majority of other saddles in the women’s range and this also cuts down on weight. The narrow nature of the saddle means that the legs are unencumbered and pedalling can be performed in a more efficient way.

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The Manufacturer's Recommended Retail Pice for this saddle is $200.00.

This saddle is part of a range of three choices in the FLX range. It is also possible to buy the standard FLX or the FLX Gel. The specs provided below cover main features of the saddle.

Terry Women’s FLX Carbon Saddle Features

• Weight: 172 grams
• 5.6” wide
• 10.25” long
• Carbon Rails
• Leather Cover

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