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Terry Damselfly Saddle

The Terry Damselfly saddle makes use of the classic racing profile for a comfortable saddle that suits sprinting. The saddle has been purposely designed with a long and narrow nose and an overall thin width to give the rider the most amount of fore and aft movement. The saddle also makes use of the cutaway design that is a feature of the Terry saddles so that the sit bones are under a minimum of pressure. The padding used on the saddle top is firm to give the rider support and the elevated rear drops to a sunken nose that naturally sends the riders weight towards the front of the bike. This is a saddle that will suit the rider who is trying to get every last inch of speed out of their machine.

The Damselfly features vanox rails to ensure a durable undercarriage that is also light in weight. The saddle cover is a soft leather and will quickly adapt to the shape of the body sitting on it.

The shape of the Damselfly saddle is notable because it is not only the longest of the women’s saddles in the Terry range but it is also the narrowest. Although it is quite lightweight it is by no means the lightest saddle in the range, but at only 230oz it sits fairly and squarely in the middle of the high performance range.

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Terry Damselfly Ti Women Saddle
Terry Damselfly Ti Women Saddle
Time Remaining: 21d 12h 9m
Buy It Now for only: $55.00
Terry DAMSELFLY Womens Saddle Black NOS
Terry DAMSELFLY Womens Saddle Black NOS
Time Remaining: 21d 20h 40m
Buy It Now for only: $64.00
Terry Damselfly Unisex Black Gray
Terry Damselfly Unisex Black Gray
Time Remaining: 16d 10h 27m
Buy It Now for only: $136.99


The Manufacturer's Recommended Retail Price for this saddle is $130.00.

The specs provided below cover main features of the saddle.

Terry Women’s Damselfly Saddle Features

• Weight: 230 grams
• 5.1” wide
• 10.5” long
• Vanox Rails
• Leather Cover

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