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Specialized Bicycle Saddles

The bicycle saddles produced as Specialized saddles provide the cyclist, no matter whether they are a competitive rider or a recreational rider, with a comfortable and sporty looking seat for their bike. These saddles are largely distinctive for their cut-out middles and for either the road cyclist or the mountain biker will both be impressed by the features that each model offers.

The range of Specialized bicycle saddles is quite extensive and may require some research by the rider to determine exactly what features are most important to match their riding style. The selection of saddles also includes models that have been created to meet the budgetary requirements of all cyclists.

The Specialized saddles are designed with the company’s so-called Body Geometry (BG) design that is the company’s technology used to prevent pressure on the pudendal nerves and arteries as well as the perineal areas. The cut-out areas on the top of the saddle has been tested and shows that soreness and numbness due to excess pressure on the sensitive parts of the backside is reduced or eliminated altogether.

Where the variations in saddle designs come in, and hence, the large range of saddle models is the manufacture of saddles with different widths. Some riders require saddles that are narrow while others require wider saddles. Also, whether the rider is sitting in a more upright position or down in an aero position will alter the saddle construction requirements.

The saddles from Specialized can be grouped under three main categories: MTB (mountain bike) saddles, Road / Multisport Saddles and Recreational Saddles.

Specialized recognizes, too, that there are basic physiological differences in the male and female bodies, particularly around the bottom and the company has also produced ranges of saddles designed specifically for male and female riders.

Listed below is a selection of the latest release Specialized saddles that are now commonly available to buy. They have been listed underneath their primary categories to help in determining what type of saddle might be most appropriate to your intended style of cycling.

Specialized Saddle Range

Mountain Bike Saddles
  Specialized Phenom
The Specialized Phenom saddle is a mountain bike saddle that has taken the sleek design of the popular road saddles and applied some special features to add off-road comfort.
  Specialized Henge
The Specialized Henge bicycle saddle is a MTB saddle that has been designed to provide the most comfortable seat possible.
  Specialized Rival
The Specialized Rival bicycle saddle is a workhorse of a saddle that will provide you with hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometres of riding comfort.
Specialized Riva
  Specialized Avatar Team
The Specialized Avatar Team bicycle saddle has been made to provide a great deal of comfort and support so that it can be used by those heading out for the longest of rides.
Road / Multisport Saddles
  Specialized Toupe
The Specialized Toupe saddle is a road saddle that is available in a number of different models to suit the various weight and body requirements.
  Specialized Toupe Pro
The Specialized Toupe Pro bicycle saddle has been designed to provide the maximum possible comfort for the perineal nerve.
Specialized Toupe Plus
  Specialized Toupe Comp Gel
The Specialized Toupe Comp Gel saddle uses the original Toupe design that has provided many road cyclists with a comfortable and durable saddle and given it even more padding with the gel combined with light PU foam.
  Specialized Avatar
The Specialized Avatar bicycle saddle is the saddle to use for the longer rides, cushioned with both gel padding as well as a memory foam layer for added comfort.
  Specialized Romin Pro
The Specialized Romin Pro saddle is road saddle that has been designed in a contoured way so that the rider is positioned to be able to apply optimal power transfer while feeling as comfortable as possible.
  Specialized Alias
The Specialized Alias bicycle saddle has been designed with the company’s Body Geometry design using the V-Groove plus window to ensure blood flow is not inhibited during the long hours in the saddle.
Women's Saddles
  Specialized Jett
The Specialized Jett saddle is a women’s high performance race saddle that has recently been through a complete redesign in the attempt to make this a saddle that women will want to ride.
  Specialized Lithia
When you look at some saddles it is obvious that they are comfort or cruiser saddles. The Specialized Lithia saddle is a women’s comfort saddle that looks anything but a comfort saddle.
  Specialized Ariel SL
The Specialized Ariel SL saddle is a women’s MTB saddle that has been designed to provide a comfortable ride and the shape and size of the saddle has been created with the female form in mind.