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Specialized Avatar Team Saddle

The Specialized Avatar Team bicycle saddle has been made to provide a great deal of comfort and support so that it can be used by those heading out for the longest of rides. The Body Geometry technology involves the cutout design that is becoming far more commonplace with performance saddles.

This MTB saddle comes complete with ultra-light padding to provide the maximum amount of comfort while ensuring there is no added weight to the saddle. The shell is made with carbon reinforcement to give it a little flex to increase the comfort levels. It is available in a couple of saddle widths: either 130mm or 143mm. This gives the saddle a couple of different weights: 243g or 255g and the length of the Avatar Team is 270mm.

The chromoly rails that support the saddle ensure the weight is kept to a minimum while also adding the necessary durability that means the saddle is going to continue to perform over the longer term. A Micromatrix top gives the saddle a weather resistant cover that allows for the necessary protection to the materials underneath.

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Saddle Features

  • Weight: 243 or 255 grams
  • 2 widths: 130 or 143mm
  • 270 mm long
  • Carbon-reinforced shell
  • Body Geometry V-Groove cutout
  • Hollow chromoly or titanium rails

There is no doubt that the Avatar Team saddle is a particularly popular saddle for use on the longer rides over all kinds of terrain. There are many customer reviews from people who have regularly used the saddle for hours at a time with no discomfort or pain. There is a slight trade-off in weight difference between the Avatar Team and some other comparable saddles such as the Specialized Toupe, but that weight difference is made up for in large part through the measures taken to make the saddle more comfortable.

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