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SDG Formula MT Saddle

The SDG Formula MT saddle is an All Mountain saddle featuring the company’s I-Beam seat post system to provide a great deal of strength as well as flexibility in adjustment. Compared to some of the other I-Beam saddles in the range this a slightly larger saddle in both length and width and, consequently, it is also a heavier saddle.

Apart from the I-Beam system the saddle features D2 Edge Flex as well as a comfort groove down the center of the saddle for greater rider comfort. The seat post system provides 2.3” of fore and aft movement to allow the rider a significant amount of movement to get the saddle positioned perfectly.

The saddle itself is very comfortable thanks to the narrow nose that provides plenty of clearance for the legs. It then widens appreciably to give the rider the support that is required on long rides. The cover is synthetic and durable and the surface is slightly perforated to provide a little traction so that there is not too much sliding going on.

For riders who are willing to use the I-Beam seat post, the Formula MT is an outstanding cross country or mountain bike saddle. Take a look at the range of saddles that have been displayed below.

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SDG Formula MT Saddle Features

• Weight: 270g
• Dimensions: 285mm x 145mm
• Connection: I-Beam

I-Beam Technology is an innovation that has broken away from the traditional rail system with a single beam that runs along the length of the bottom of the saddle and provides enormous strength and stability that allows the saddles to withstand the most demanding terrain that mountain bikes are subjected to on a regular basis. The other great advantage of using I-Beam saddle posts is the micro adjustability that is possible to ensure the perfect riding position can be achieved.

The SDG Saddle I-Beam Range

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