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SDG Formula FXR Saddle

The SDG Formula FXR saddle is a very comfortable saddle featuring standard rails and it is just as suitable touring over long distances as it is for shorter cruising, mountain biking or cross country. The saddle is available in a choice of three different types of rails, either solid Ti rails, Ti alloy rails or solid cro-mo rails. Not only will the difference be felt in the weight of the saddle but it will also be reflected in the price.

The comfort in the Formula FXR saddle is provided by the lightweight EVA foam and the Edge Flex Density technology. The width of the saddle is by no means narrow and this means there is plenty of surface area for support while still being thin enough for sliding to be possible without impacting on the thighs.

The cover of the Formula FXR is a one-piece microfiber and provides a durable surface that will last for many miles.

This saddle is marketed by SDG as a mountain bike saddle but it is far more versatile than that and provides the rider with the kind of comfort features that will suit a wide variety of riders. Take a look at the range of saddles that have been displayed below.

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SDG Formula FXR Saddle Features

• Weight: 230g, 255g or 335g
• Dimensions: 285mm x 138mm
• Connection: Solid Titanium, Titanium-alloy or Cromoly

The SDG Saddle Railed Range

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