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SDG Aliso Saddle

The SDG Aliso saddle is a mountain bike that has been designed to deliver comfort and performance in equal share. The saddle features a choice of either titanium cro-mo rails underneath a seat displaying a long nose that has been given added padding. Running the length of the saddle is a channel that has been included to protect the soft tissue from the trauma of the longer rides.

While the nose sits at a flat profile if displays a rounded end and then, traveling backwards, the saddle flicks upwards towards the rear to give the rider a platform from which to push during harder pedaling and climbing.

Featured is the comfort channel that is found in many of the all-terrain SDG saddles to ensure pressure relief is supplied. The saddle is available in a range of different color choices with the predominant choices either black or white. Best of all about the Aliso is the pricing which has ensured the rider can enjoy many of the features of the top line saddle in the SDG range for a fraction of the price.

Take a look at the range of Aliso saddles that have been displayed below and remember they will suit the male rider just as ably as the female.

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SDG Aliso Saddle Features

• Weight: 260g (titanium) 300g chro-mo
• Dimensions: 270mm x 131mm
• Connection: Hollow Titanium Alloy or Chromoly Rails
• Multi Color Options

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