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Ritchey WCS Marathon Saddle

The Ritchey WCS Marathon saddle is a mountain bike saddle that is one of the most comfortable streamlined saddles available. It may not necessarily be the lightest saddle on the market but the added padding provides a more comfortable seat for extended riding times.

The WCS Marathon has been named with the longer endurance events in mind. Cross country riding takes the rider over a lot of difficult terrain and the marathon has it covered with a low profile design covered with added foam padding. The genuine leather seat cover provides you with the soft feel and the sides have been given an abrasion resistant finish so that they won’t be destroyed at the first mishap.

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Ritchey WCS Marathon 132 White Saddle
Ritchey WCS Marathon 132 White Saddle
Time Remaining: 18d 20h 48m
Buy It Now for only: $95.31

Ritchey WCS Marathon 132 White Saddle
Ritchey WCS Marathon 132 White Saddle
Time Remaining: 18d 21h 40m
Buy It Now for only: $95.31

Ritchey WCS Marathon V2 Saddle White
Ritchey WCS Marathon V2 Saddle White
Time Remaining: 2d 12h 44m
Buy It Now for only: $107.95

Saddle Product Details

Weight: 223g
Dimensions: 130 x 271 mm
Rails: Cromo / Titanium
Cover: leather
Colors: black or white

Here are a few of the comments that customers who have bought and used the Ritchey WCS Marathon saddle have left on various sites online. In an attempt to provide a balanced view I have tried to find both positive and negative comments about the saddle.

" The ritchey has deep firm padding in the rear that gradually becomes shallower over the rest of the saddle. This means that if you set the saddle level the sit-bones are located over the deeper padding and the perineum is lightly placed in the curve...difficult to describe but essentially most of the weight is supported by the arc of tissue around the sit-bones and very little is distributed to the perineum. This makes it a very comfortable saddle. "

“kevlar sides may cut into some riders”

“This is my 4 year review for this saddle. Starting to come apart at the base (cover lifting from under saddle). Nose is wearing thin as well. Remains superbly comfortable and is about the most comfortable minimalist saddle I have found.”

Features of the saddle as provided by the manufacturer:

  • Using the same low profile design and narrow shell as the Streem, the Marathon offers more padding for longer road rides and MTB use
  • Wing design to dissipate vibration
  • 35% carbon injected shell for stiffness and light weight and to increase pedalling efficiency
  • Hi density superlight foam, microfiber surface, tubular cromo rails, and abrasion resistant sides

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