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Ritchey WCS Lady Saddle

The Ritchey WCS Lady saddle is a road bike saddle that has been adapted to suit the anatomy of the majority of female cyclists. The wider saddle is more suited to the wider hips of women and the padding in the seat has been distributed so that the most padded section aligns with the sit bone.

The WCS design makes use of the lighter materials for the rails with the titanium ensuring the weight is kept down to an absolute minimum. The 35% carbon injected shell provides added stiffness where necessary.

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Ritchey WCS Lady Bike Bicycle Seat Saddle White
Ritchey WCS Lady Bike Bicycle Seat Saddle White
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Saddle Product Details

Weight: 220g
Dimensions: 142 x 262 mm
Rails: chromium / titanium
Cover: micro fiber
Colors: black or white

As a comparison in the design of the WCS Lady and the way in which it differs from other road saddles, the WCS Streem measures around 5mm narrower and almost 20mm longer. So in order to provide a saddle that feels more comfortable for the female rider the seat is more compact. Because the sit bone will be located in a slightly different area, the way in which the padding is arranged will also be slightly different to saddles that have been designed to suit a predominantly male market.

The Ritchey WCS Lady saddle is the upscale version of the Ritchey Comp Lady saddle with lighter rails and a softer, more pliable seat cover. That being said, it is also the more expensive of the two saddles.

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