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Ritchey WCS Biomax Saddle

The Ritchey WCS Biomax saddle features the comfort and support that were introduced with the Comp Biomax featuring a cut-out center piece to relieve pressure in the more sensitive part of the body. The WCS comes with titanium rails to reduce the weight of the seat down to 200g. The saddle also comes with the company’s patented vector wing design to help reduce vibration.

This is a seat that will perform well when riding cross country providing a stable seat that will allow the backside to move around in its bid to remain in control.

Buy A Ritchey WCS Biomax Saddle

Ritchey Biomax WCS Black Saddle Take Off
Ritchey Biomax WCS Black Saddle Take Off
Time Remaining: 23d 1h 27m
Buy It Now for only: $69.00

Saddle Product Details

Weight: 200g
Dimensions: 131 x 272 mm
Rails: CrN / Titanium
Cover: Leather
Colors: black or white

Here are a few of the comments that customers who have bought and used the Ritchey WCS Biomax saddle have left on various sites online. In an attempt to provide a balanced view I have tried to find both positive and negative comments about the saddle.

"I am a cheapskate by nature and so never upgraded the stock saddle which came with my bike. I recently replaced it with this Ritchey model and realized there's a whole world of comfort out there."

“By no means is this the right saddle for me but that’s not to say the shape won’t suit you. At £90 the Ritchey WCS Biomax is a very competitive offering in terms of weight, quality and choice of materials. Even better is it will be a great touch to your WCS finishing kit.”

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