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Ritchey Bicycle Saddles

The Ritchey bicycle saddles are part of the larger Ritchey Design company that produces a range of bicycle components including handlebars, stems, seatposts and headsets. Starting out in the manufacturer of mountain bike components the company also makes many fine bike parts for road machines as well.

The range of bicycle saddles cover the road and mountain bike market with products that have been exhaustively tested and trialled after the initial design and innovation has been completed.

When you browse through the various saddles available in the Ritchey range you will be immediately struck by the streamlined appearance of the saddle’s profile as well as the obvious areas in which the rider’s comfort has been taken into consideration. No matter whether you are riding on the road or the trails the Ritchey saddles have been created to cater for all types of riding.

The company’s main line of road saddle is the Streem and it is available in three different model types: the WCS, Pro and Comp and they are available in a choice of black or white. For the mountain bike enthusiast the company has supplied the Marathon and it is also available in a choice of three types: WCS, Pro and Comp. The difference between each of the different types of these models comes down to the rails and the weight of each saddle.

More details about all of the Ritchey saddles are available by following the link on each model described below. The full range of Ritchey bicycle saddles are listed below.

Ritchey Saddle Models – Information and Sales

  Ritchey WCS Streem
The Ritchey WCS Streem saddle is a road bicycle saddle that sits at the top of the range in terms of weight and quality of materials that have been used.
  Ritchey Pro Streem
The Ritchey Pro Streem saddle is a road bicycle saddle that has been built with a low-profile design and narrow shell and represents the mid-range in the Streem line.
  Ritchey Comp Streem
The Ritchey Comp Streem saddle is a sleek bicycle saddle that has been built with a low-profile design and narrow shell.
  Ritchey WCS Marathon
The Ritchey WCS Marathon saddle is a mountain bike saddle that is one of the most comfortable streamlined saddles available. It may not necessarily be the lightest saddle on the market but the added padding provides a more comfortable seat for extended riding times.
  Ritchey Pro Marathon
The Ritchey Pro Marathon saddle is a mountain bike saddle that is contoured and shaped in such a way that it would also suitable for road bike use too.
  Ritchey Comp Marathon
  Ritchey WCS Contrail
The Ritchey WCS Contrail saddle is a road bicycle saddle making use of superlight foam and a narrow carbon fiber injection shell for a saddle that is performance driven as well as comfortable.
  Ritchey WCS Biomax
The Ritchey WCS Biomax saddle features the comfort and support that were introduced with the Comp Biomax featuring a cut-out center piece to relieve pressure in the more sensitive part of the body.
  Ritchey Pro Biomax
The mid-range Biomax saddle features a cut-out saddle support as well as Cromo rails and a synthetic leather cover.
  Ritchey Comp Biomax
The Ritchey Comp Biomax saddle is the economy model of the Biomax saddles featuring steel rails and a vinyal seat cover.
  Ritchey Comp Lady
The Ritchey Comp Lady saddle has been designed specifically with the woman’s body in mind and the company has come up with an economically balanced race oriented seat as a result.
  Ritchey WCS Lady
The Ritchey WCS Lady saddle is a road bike saddle that has been adapted to suit the anatomy of the majority of female cyclists.
  Ritchey WCS Streem Carbon Rail

Ritchey manufactures more than just good quality bicycle saddles. In order to browse through the entire range of Ritchey bicycle components you should visit the Ritchey website.