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Planet Bike Bicycle Saddles

The Planet Bike saddles come from a company that has been founded around the principle of getting as many people involved in the sport of cycling as possible. This means the company is prepared to produce whatever design it can to cater for the various types of bodies that are going to be riding those bikes.

Comfort and pleasure are two of the main underlying factors that has seen the creation of a range of bicycle saddles that are geared more towards providing cushioning and padding than as performance saddles. The larger styles of saddles mean that larger framed people will have somewhere soft to sit and they will also be able to fit on the seat while doing so.

The company has introduced the A.R.S or Anatomic Relief Saddle that is significantly more padded than other seats. It also features a cut-out section to provide anatomical relief to the more sensitive part of the body.

The selection of saddles available to choose from is extensive and can be divided into those that have been designed for women and those that have been designed for men. In each case the seat is made with either a lightweight padding or gel to provide the softness that will ensure there will not be a sore or numb bum by the end of the read.

Apart from the fact that the saddles are made to be comfortable they are also available at very reasonable prices. When you also consider that the company donates 25% of the company profits to causes that promote bicycle usage you begin to understand the extent to which the company is committed to promoting the sport as a pastime.

Planet Bike Saddle Models

A.R.S Men's Competition
A.R.S Women's Competition
A.R.S Men's Standard
A.R.S Women's Standard
A.R.S Men's Spring
A.R.S Women's Spring
A.R.S Men's Classic
A.R.S Women's Classic
Comfort Men's Web Spring
Comfort Women's Web Spring
Comfort Men's Gel
Comfort Women's Gel
Comfort Men's Classic
Comfort Women's Classic
ARP Cover
ARP Cover Hybrid
ARP Cover Cruiser


Comfort Tractor
Cruiser Web Spring
Gelin Comfort