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Planet Bike 5022 ARS Mens Competition Saddle

Not everyone who is looking to ride competitively is after a streamlined saddle that is as stiff as a board. In fact, not everyone is capable of standing the pressure on the perineum and while some of the comfort saddles available are soft at first, there is still a need for a certain level of firmness. This is where the Planet Bike 5022 ARS Mens Competition Saddle fills the required spot. Not only is the 5022 lighter than the Standard model but it is also narrower.

The Mens Competition saddle has been tailor-made for anyone who is particularly sensitive around the perineum area. Like the other saddles in the Planet Bike ARS range the saddle contains gel padding and the level of padding is not overdone making it just firm enough to allow the rider to apply power from an upright seated position.

The 5022 Mens Competition saddle is narrower than other the other saddles in the Planet Bike range measuring 6 inches across.

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Features of the saddle

Full length center recess
Supersoft padding
Gel inserts at crucial points
Flex base to provide comfort and support
Weatherproof ultra-suede cover

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