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Phorm S 310 Max Saddle

The Phorm S 310 Max saddle is available for both men and women and has been developed using the company’s 3 zone comfort principle. This means the saddle has been created for fitness and leisure riders who do their riding either on mountain bikes or road bikes.

The saddle is designed to be used by riders who sit in a more sporty position, in other words, leaning more towards the front of the bike with the weight forward. It is a more dynamic riding style and this saddle provides a mid-point between touring saddles and competition saddles.

This saddle has been created without the comfort features you will find in the S 330 Gel Max. The saddle features a soft Durasilk synthetic cover that sits over a padded saddle. The wide rear section of the saddle provides the necessary weight distribution to help provide rider comfort and the narrow design means there is plenty of allowance for natural body movement while riding.

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Phorm S 310 Max Saddle Features

• All Weather Durasilk Synthetic Cover
• Anodized FEC Light Steel rails

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