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ISM Adamo Peloton Saddle

The ISM Adamo Peloton saddle has a sleeker design compared to some of the other Adamo saddles, designed with a more tapered rear and suited perfectly to road conditions. With the primary aim to create a performance saddle that will support your weight evenly to be as comfortable as possible, the Peloton achieves its goals nicely. Most racing saddles place the comfort factor towards the end of the requirements while it’s up towards the top of the Peloton’s.

The Peloton saddle by Adamo is available in black, gray or white. Look for the distinctive blue and white or blue and red stripes across the seat to confirm you are buying the Peloton. Browse through the saddles that have been listed as available for sale below, they are arranged in price order with the least expensive first.

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Saddle Product Details

Dimensions: 135 x 255 mm
Weight: 305g
Rails: Chromoly
Colors: black, white

Once again the unusually shaped nose provides the rider with relief from the pressure that would otherwise be placed on the more sensitive parts of the body. Many people report taking a little time to get used to the different shape and feel of the saddle but most agree it results in a more comfortable ride.

Here are a few of the comments that customers who have bought and used the ISM Adamo Peloton saddle have left on various sites online. In an attempt to provide a balanced view I have tried to find both positive and negative comments about the saddle.

“Overall a great saddle for me, after trying numerous other saddles this one cures the numbness and irritation problems I've had with all the others.”

“I got my Adamo Peloton saddle on Saturday. Took if for a short little 30k ride that day and yesterday and holy cow is this an incredible saddle! When I first got one I was perplexed, I felt really comfortable on one hand and on the other it felt like someone was, ah, touching me inappropriately. But after a few minutes and then after an hour I was convinced.”

“Takes a couple of rides to get used to because it sits differently, but it's comfortable once you find your spot. Can be difficult to reposition when you come out of the saddle and go back into it. Currently using it to train and will be using it for triathlons next year.”

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