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ISM Adamo Bicycle Saddles

Possibly the most radically designed brand of bicycle saddles are those available from ISM Adamo. They are instantly recognisable because, rather than having a single nose the Adamo design is a twin nose.

The ISM of the brand stands for Ideal Saddle Modification and was established by Steve Toll. The concept behind the radical modification to the saddle aims to reduce or even eliminate the discomfort that many riders experience from more traditional saddles.

From the time the unusual saddle design was patented its popularity has grown and the saddle has been used in increasing numbers in top competitions by professionals and amateurs alike. In fact, the ISM Adamo saddle has been in use by Olympic medal winners, Pro Tour cyclists and professional triathletes.

The ISM Adamo seat design reduces the pressure that is applied to the perineal region between the legs. This is a medically significant fact that is possibly more important than the simple fact that the seat feels more comfortable. Problems that have been experienced from straddling a traditional bicycle saddle includes numbness, urinary tract and yeast infections, prostate inflammation and impotence. Traditional saddles restrict the blood flow while testing has revealed that blood flow in the perineum area remains at 100% when using an ISM Adamo saddle.

ISM Adamo has produced a range of bicycle saddles that have been designed for all types of cycling situations including road racing, mountain bikes and triathlon. The saddles can be divided into performance saddles and comfort saddles.

More details about the range of ISM Adamo saddles are available by following the link on each model described below.

ISM Adamo Saddle Models – Information and Sales

  Adamo Time Trial
The front arms of the Adamo Time Trial slope in much the same way as the Breakaway and the Podium to reduce the instance of chafing. The saddle has been designed for the rider to sit in an aggressive time trial position without experiencing perineal pain.
  Adamo Podium
The ISM Adamo Podium saddle is a road bike saddle featuring the split nose design that is particular to the Adamo saddles. The Podium differs to other saddles in the Adamo range such as the Racing and the Road by being a few centimetres longer.
  Adamo Breakaway
The Adamo Breakaway saddle is designed with the cutaway section of the saddle situated further towards the rear for even greater relief.
  Adamo Racing
The Adamo Racing saddle is the original saddle from the company and remains ideal for triathlon and time trialling with the greatest level of comfort possible.
  Adamo Road
The Road saddle has been designed with the same features as the Racing Saddle with the exception of Chromoly rails. This a shorter and wider version to help spread the weight.
  Adamo Peloton
The sleek shape and tapered rear of the Adamo Peloton has been designed to meet the demands of road cycling while still providing the comfortable support you expect from Adamo saddles.
  Adamo Peak
The ISM Adamo Peak saddle is a mountain bike saddle that has been designed specifically with the serious mountain bike rider in mind.
Adamo Typhoon
Adamo Century
  ISM Touring
The ISM Touring saddle has been designed as a comfort seat that will suit the casual rider who rides in a more upright position. It is meant to give the ultimate level of relief for riders who spend long hours in the saddle.
ISM Sport

Much more information about the ideas behind the ISM Adamo bicycle saddles is available on the company’s website. At this site it is possible to read up on the medical studies that have been done on the effects of saddles on the body as well as a lot more information. Visit the ISM Adamo website here.