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Fi’zi:k is one of the leading brands of racing bicycle saddles and has built its name on the back of a long tradition of providing quality saddles for cyclists around the world. The idea that comfort and fit is an important part of the process of how the Fi’zi:k saddles are created. There would be few cycling enthusiasts around the world today who haven’t seen or heard of the Fi’zi:k brand and a very large proportion of them would have sat on one of the saddles.

The current range of Fi’zi:k saddles available for sale today has been broken down into the following main categories: road saddles, MTB (mountain bike) saddles, triathlon saddles, women’s saddles plus the special release saddles of the Versus range, the Life range and the Team Edition range. The company has also been releasing various limited edition ranges of saddles.

The saddles in the Fi’zi:k range can be identified by the technology that has been used in the construction. You will notice that the basic models are listed as part of the range and then various pieces of technological advancements have been added to them to provide the rider with the option of using a saddle that is lighter, more cushioned or has more flexibility. The following is an explanation of some of the technologies common to the Fi’zi:k saddles.

K:IUM Rail – A finishing process that has been especially created to make a K:ium alloy that enables 8% weight reduction when compared to solid titanium. This gives the rail a high grade of strength to weight ratio and the chrome content in the mixture provides high corrosion resistance.

Carbon Braided Rail – The rail is created using a braided carbon sleeve made from braided carbon fibers filled with uni-directional carbon fibers. The rail can expand and contract allowing a high grade of resistance for the rider.

K:1 Technology – This is the process of combining two materials to form a stronger material. Carbon fibers are bonded with soft Technogel and then encapsulated under a thin coating. The use of K:1 gives better grip while not impeding movement on the saddle. The use of K:1 also enables the implementation of other technology on the sides of the saddle such as the patented Fi’zi:k carbon Wing Flex technology.

Wing Flex Technology – This is a flexible part of the saddle allowing significant downward movement of the shell of the saddle in the critical area where the inner thighs make contact with the saddle. This allows for a greater range of movement when pedalling making it more comfortable to ride for extended periods of time. No matter what the physiology of the rider the saddle is able to adapt to suit.

Twin Flex Technology – There are a couple of ways in which movement is allowed in the shell of some models in the Fi’zi:k range . The multi-directional outer edged carbon fiber provides strength and the carbon and Kevlar woven fibers allow bi-directional movement of the inner shell. This allows flex within the shell but it is restricted to the limit of the stiff outer shell.

The various types of technologies have been utilized throughout the range of road, mountain bike and tri saddles that the company makes. The basic Fi’zi:k designs of the Arione, Antares and Aliante on the road and the Gobi and the Tundra in the mountains have been completed with the addition of one or more of these technologies to provide greater strength, comfort or weight reducing qualities.

Fi’zi:k Saddles - Information and Sales

Road Range
Arione K:1
  Arione CX Carbon Braided Rail
The Fi’zi:k Arione CX remains one of the most popularly shaped road saddles in the market today and now we have the combination of the company’s most successful technologies of the wing flex and twin flex.
  Arione CX Braided
The Fi’zi:k Arione CX Braided saddle is a road saddle that has taken the original Arione design and made it 70 grams lighter by using a new lightweight foam.
Arione CX K:IUM
The Fi’zi:k Arione CX K:ium saddle is a road saddle that has taken the original Arione design and used the company’s K:ium rails to give it additional durability as well as a bright look to the undercarriage.
  Antares 00
The Fi’zi:k Antares 00 saddle is a road racing saddle that sits between the long flat profile of the Arione and the width of the Aliante.
Antares Braided
The Fi’zi:k Antares Braided saddle is a road racing saddle that uses the same intermediate profile as the 00 but with Rilsan carbon reinforced rails the weight is slightly heavier.
Antares K:IUM
The Fi’zi:k Antares K:IUM saddle is the third saddle in the intermediate size of road racing saddles and is the heaviest out of the three thanks to the K:ium rails.
  Aliante Carbon
Aliante Carbon K:IUM
The Fi’zi:k Aliante Carbon K:ium saddle takes the successful style and shape of the original Aliante saddle and has added its K:ium rails to provide a combination of durability and comfort.
Aliante Gamma
The Fi’zi:k Aliante Gamma saddle uses the style and shape of the original Aliante saddle and packages it up in a comfortable format thanks to the upswept rear section and the Twinflex shell design.
The Fi’zi:k Ares saddle is a time trial saddle that has been designed to meet the UCI regulations for all time trial competitions. The saddle has a sleek and stylish profile and is incredibly lightweight.
  Pave CX
The Fi’zi:k Pave CX saddle is a road racing saddle that provides the rider the opportunity to get the most out of every pedal stroke. This is achieved through the Wing Flex technology that affords the shell some movement as the rider pedals.
Mountain Bike Range
  Tundra Carbon
The Fi’zi:k Tundra saddle is a MTB saddle that has been designed for the rider who prefers a more substantially sized seat than the narrower designed saddles such as the Arione.
Tundra 00
Tundra 2 Braided
The Fi’zi:k Tundra 2 Braided saddle is a MTB saddle and has taken the original Tundra concept and dimensions and upgraded them to increase rider comfort.
  Tundra 2 K:IUM
Gobi XM Braided
  Gobi XM Muzzle
The Fi’zi:k Gobi XM Muzzle saddle is a mountain bike saddle that is an updated version of the original Gobi. Those who have taken their bike over challenging terrain in the past will have come up against the problem of destroying their seat cover
Aliante Gamma XM
Triathlon Range
  Arione Tri 2 Carbon Braided
The Fi’zi:k Arione Carbon Braided saddle has been created with extra padding in the nose to give it greater suitability for time trial and triathlon riders. The saddle shell features Fi’zi:k Wing Flex technology that has been enhanced by the inclusion of elastomer ribs.
  Arione Tri 2 Carbon K:IUM
The Fi’zi:k Arione TRI 2 Carbon K:ium saddle has been created with extra padding in the nose to give it greater suitability for time trial and triathlon riders.
  Arione Tri 2 Wing Flex
The Fi’zi:k Arione TRI 2 Wing Flex saddle is another outstanding triathlon saddle from the Fi’zi:k stable that has taken the original Arione design and given it a little more padding to make it even more comfortable.
  Vitesse Tri WF Technogel
The Fi’zi:k Vitesse Tri Wing Flex Triathlon saddle has been created with smooth contours that gives it a sleek look as well as providing plenty of comfort for the female form. The nose is made of Technogel which has been used to provide even greater softness of feel.
Miss Tri
Women's Range
Arione Donna 00
  Arione Donna
The Fi’zi:k Arione Donna saddle has been specifically designed to accommodate the female form and features Wing Flex technology to ensure thigh movement is increased to maintain maximum pedalling power.
The Fi’zi:k Vesta saddle is a women’s saddle that has taken the design of the Vitesse and added a pressure relief channel down its length.
  Vesta Miss Tokyo
The Fi’zi:k Vesta saddle is a women’s saddle that has taken the design of the Vitesse and added a pressure relief channel down its length.  It has been decorated with the very pleasing to the eye artwork that has prompted the name Miss Tokyo.
Vitesse HP
The Fi’zi:k Vitesse HP saddle is a saddle that has been designed for women and aims to provide a seat that shapes itself as much as possible to the individual’s frame.
Versus Range
  Arione VS
The Fi’zi:k Versus range of saddles that uses a concept known as the Spine Concept that involves an ergonomic channel that runs the length of the saddle. In this case the Versus technology is incorporated into the Arione model
  Antares VS
The Fi’zi:k Antares caters to the rider who requires a road racing seat with a little bit more width to it. It is the saddle in the Fi’zi:k range that sits neatly between the Arione and the Aliante and it has been offered with the Versus technology
  Aliante VS
The Fi’zi:k Aliante saddle is the shorter, wider saddle in the Fi’zi:k road saddle range catering to the cyclist who needs the added stability in their seat. The company has provided the popular design with the added comfort features known as Spine Concept.

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