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Fi’zi:k Arione TRI 2 Carbon Braided Saddle

The Fi’zi:k Arione Carbon Braided saddle has been created with extra padding in the nose to give it greater suitability for time trial and triathlon riders. The saddle shell features Fi’zi:k Wing Flex technology that has been enhanced by the inclusion of elastomer ribs that have been placed at the point where the thighs make contact providing increased support and makes the saddle even more comfortable. The platform of the Tri 2 has been created to be flatter than the original Tri saddle and this means the rider will be able to slip into a greater variety of riding positions more easily.

Features of the saddle include carbon braided rails providing the lightest possible saddle, the shell is carbon Wing Flex Twin Flex technology and the thigh glides are black suede with :K design. To finish the saddle off, the cover is Microtex.

The rail system, the carbon braided rail, uses a sleeve of braided carbon fibers that have been filled with unidirectional carbon fibers that are capable of expanding and contracting. On top the shell features the Wing Flex Twin Flex movement that allows the saddle to conform to the changing shape of the rider’s body to maintain a comfortable feel throughout.

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Saddle Product Details

Weight: 189g
Dimensions: 132 x 302.5 mm
Rails: Carbon Braided
Cover: Microtex
Colors: Black

What the manufacturer says

A discourse in beauty, the dialog of Triathlon

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