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Comfort Saddles

Not everyone is out to ride as hard and as fast as they possibly can. Bicycle riding is a fun way to exercise and the casual rider generally doesn’t get on the bike as often as the more serious rider. This means the comfort requirements are going to be different for the casual rider and that is why comfort saddles are very important.

The characteristics of the comfort saddle are that it is more padded, softer and wider than a sports saddle. The comfort saddle is also going to weigh a lot more than a sports saddle because it will invariably be designed with added suspension such as steel coils to really give the rider a cushioned perch.

There are a number of bicycle saddle manufacturers who specialize in comfort saddles and have a significant range available for all types of riders. Variations for men, women and children are all available and cater to the various body types and sizes.

Here is a selection of comfort saddles that provide some of the variations that may appeal to the type of riding you plan on doing. There are more details on each of these saddles on the individual review pages.

  Sunlite Cloud 9 Suspension Cruiser
A saddle that measures 10-1/2" by 10-1/2" and padded with dual density gel foam softens every bump in the road and helps make riding a pleasure.
  Planet Bike ARS Mens Classic
This saddle uses padding that is known as SuperSoft padding and this is backed up by a flex support that provides a little bit of firmness to go with the softer seat.
  WTB Comfort V
The WTB Comfort V saddle is a deeply padded saddle that will suit someone who is looking for significant support as well as a wide area of sit bone support.
  Avenir Plush Plus
The Avenir Plush Plus saddle features the dual comfort features of super-soft foam padding for a soft feel on top and dual coil springs underneath to absorb shock.
  Avenir Classic Cruiser
The Avenir Classic Cruiser saddle not only looks comfortable but follows through with the promise. This is a very good looking saddle featuring stitching that gives the saddle the older style of look.
  ISM Touring
The ISM Touring saddle has been designed as a comfort seat that will suit the casual rider who rides in a more upright position. It is meant to give the ultimate level of relief for riders who spend long hours in the saddle.


Not only do these saddles come with additional padding but they may also use special padding materials such as gel or memory foam. The combination of suspension underneath the seat and soft or firm padding on top as well as wider rears and narrow noses set up a myriad of different possible combinations to choose from.