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Brooks Finesse Saddle

The Brooks Finesse Titanium saddle is a high quality lightweight saddle designed for the female rider. The titanium frame helps to make this one of the lightest leather saddle available and is definitely a performance saddle that also offers a lot of comfort. This is a saddle of outstanding quality with the hand crafting evident in the copper rivets that have been hammered around the rear of the seat.

The titanium rails provide the strength required to ensure the saddle is a performer over the long term while also ensuring the weight is kept to an absolute minimum. The saddle is also available in a range of colors including black, honey, dark green and brown.

Take a look at the available Brooks Finesse saddles for sale below and choose one looks as though will suit you and your bicycle to get further information.

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Limpet Saddle Bag for Brooks  Selle Anatomica stealth hidden inside underside
Limpet Saddle Bag for Brooks Selle Anatomica stealth hidden inside underside
Time Remaining: 1d 23h 56m
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Brooks Finesse Titanium Antique Brown Saddle
Brooks Finesse Titanium Antique Brown Saddle
Time Remaining: 19d 13h 20m
Buy It Now for only: $299.99

Brooks Finesse ladies leather + titanium saddle NOS new old stock
Brooks Finesse ladies leather + titanium saddle NOS new old stock
Time Remaining: 24d 19h 31m
Buy It Now for only: $190.00

Saddle Product Details

Length: 238mm
Width: 170mm
Weight: 350g
Frame: Titanium

Here are a few of the comments that customers who have bought and used the Brooks Finesse saddle have left on various sites online. In an attempt to provide a balanced view I have tried to find both positive and negative comments about the saddle.

“I have a Brooks Finesse with about the same mileage. In the beginning I tried to make the saddle level. (I had been told that if the nose is down you slip forward putting pressure on the neck.) With the Brooks I was in complete agony (too much pressure up front). I finally broke down and tilted the nose down 2 degrees and things were so much better.”

“my hubby...bought me a brooks finesse saddle on eBay. note: he had a brooks saddle and it looked so hard and uncomfortable, i said i NEVER wanted a saddle like that. well, how wrong i can be! after complaining and moaning over his purchase, and chewing him out long and loudly, he talked me into trying it. i have used it since this february and so far, bar none, it is the best saddle ever.”

“the Finesse is the "Ladies" version of the "Swift" so it will be a little narrower than the B17S”

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