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Brooks B73 Saddle

The Brooks B73 saddle is a heavy duty saddle that provides just about the ultimate in coiled spring suspension. Not only does it contain dual coiled springs at the rear of the saddle but a third coil has been added at the front for an even more cushioned ride. It is a heavy saddle but this is something that the casual cyclist will care little about, particularly when the comfort that is provided is experienced and enjoyed.

There is a lot to look at when giving the B73 saddle the once over. The three chrome coiled springs are a sight to behold and they are mounted on a sophisticated rail system that is unlike the rail of any other saddle. The black leather seat covering over the chrome framework holding the trio of coiled springs provides a touring saddle that should be enjoyed by those who ride in an upright posture.

As with all Brooks leather saddles there will be a breaking in period for the first few times you use your new saddle. This will allow the leather of the saddle to soften and become shaped to the contours of your butt. You can speed this process along by using “Proofide” cream on the leather to assist with the softening process.

The saddle is available in black, honey and brown.

Take a look at the available Brooks B73 saddles for sale below and choose one looks as though will suit you and your bicycle to get further information.

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Brooks B73 Bracket Assembly BYB 171
Brooks B73 Bracket Assembly BYB 171
Time Remaining: 3d 7h 41m
Buy It Now for only: $27.19

Brooks B73 Unique Saddle Black England New with Clamp
Brooks B73 Unique Saddle Black England New with Clamp
Time Remaining: 18d 8h 5m
Buy It Now for only: $199.99

Saddle Product Details

Length: 260mm

Width: 205mm

Height: 114mm

Weight: 1120g

What the Manufacturer Says

Back in the 1890's John Boultbee Brooks developed the first saddles featuring 3 springs, 2 at the rear and 1 at the front. The B73, introduced in the 1935 catalogue, is the only model still featuring this construction. The B73 is similar in shape and dimensions to B66, so it is appropriate for recreational or utility cycling in a fairly upright posture. Please note that some cyclists comment that the B73 has more lateral motion than our other saddles, because of the extra front spring.

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