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Brooks B68 Saddle

The Brooks B68 saddle is the new version of the B66 but without the coiled springs under the saddle. The leather tops of the B66 are featured with this particular saddle and it has been designed as a saddle meant for using when riding the city streets.

When riding today’s modern heavy suspension bikes you will require a saddle that provides the sort of hard wearing suspension that will cushion the ride to a large extent. This is the type of comfortable ride you can expect with the B68. A noticeable factor about the look of the B68 is the extra width that is afforded the rider to make sure the cushioning effect is spread over a wider surface area. The wider profile of the saddle suits people with large or wider sit bones, helping to spread the weight over a wider are, and is meant for a more upright riding style with the handlebars above the saddle.

As with all Brooks leather saddles there will be a breaking in period for the first few times you use your new saddle. This will allow the leather of the saddle to soften and become shaped to the contours of your butt. You can speed this process along by using “Proofide” cream on the leather to assist with the softening process.

The saddle is available in a choice of two colors: black, honey.

Take a look at the available Brooks B68 saddles for sale below and choose one looks as though will suit you and your bicycle to get further information.

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Brooks B68 Frame Assembly BYB 342
Brooks B68 Frame Assembly BYB 342
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Saddle Product Details

Length: 260mm

Width: 205mm

Height: 62mm

Weight: 530g

Frame: Chromium Plated Steel

What the Manufacturer Says

The B68 and B68 S are the newest versions of B66 models. These saddles feature the same leather tops as the B66 and B66 S, but without springs. They are the ideal saddles for modern full suspension city bikes.

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