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Brooks B67 Select Saddle

The Brooks B67 Select saddle takes the same classic shape and dimensions of the original B67 but has been made distinctive by the type of seat covering that has been used. The Select version of the saddle is in stark contrast to the Aged B67 in that the leather that has been used is stiffer and more durable than that which is used for the other models. This is to ensure the lifespan of the saddle is far greater and the seat covering will be more suited to the high mileage cyclist.

The B67 Select saddle features the distinctive coils springs and rails to provide unparalleled shock absorption that will continue to perform over many miles. The stiff nature of the leather that is used in the Select saddles will require more of a breaking in process and should be something that is taken into consideration when deciding on whether it is the type of saddle that will suit your body.

There is no doubt that the primary purpose of the B67 saddles is to ensure a cushioned ride is experienced by the more recreational riders. This does not necessarily mean that the rider will not be doing a lot of miles over the life of the saddle and this is where the Select is going to prove to be a big advantage. The springs and rails of the select are black and the rivets are hand hammered copper.

As with all Brooks leather saddles there will be a breaking in period for the first few times you use your new saddle. This will allow the leather of the saddle to soften and become shaped to the contours of your butt. You can speed this process along by using “Proofide” cream on the leather to assist with the softening process.

The saddle is available in brown.

Take a look at the available Brooks B67 Select saddles for sale below and choose one looks as though will suit you and your bicycle to get further information.

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Saddle Product Details

Length: 260mm

Width: 205mm

Height: 73mm

Weight: 870g

What the Manufacturer Says

This version of the B67 S is made with our extra tough, organic leather for high mileage cyclists. It also features our hand hammered copper rivets. The B67 and B67 S are the modern versions of B66 models, first featured in the 1927 catalogue. Classically sprung for supreme comfort, the B67 and B67 S feature single rails for attachment to modern micro-adjust seat pillars.

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