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Brooks B17 Select Saddle

The Brooks B17 Select saddle takes the classic touring saddle from the Brooks range and uses an organic leather cover designed to bring a great deal of durability to the seat. While the leather starts out as a tougher material than that which is used on the other B17 saddles it is also extremely supple and malleable making it a saddle that will become even more comfortable over the longer term.

To go over the features of the B17 Select, it looks like the other saddles in the B17 range with the exception that the hand hammered rivets are copper. The top of the saddle features three small holes that have been included to provide some ventilation and the sides are smooth and contoured so that there is little chance of rubbing for the inner thighs. The saddle also has quality saddle bag loops included on the frame and the rails are given a black powder coated finish..

There will be a breaking in period required when buying this saddle, as there is with all leather saddles. The use of Proofide cream on a regular basis during the first few weeks of riding will help to cure the saddle and soften the leather so that it will become a comfortable part of your bike.

The saddle is available in a choice two colors: black or honey.

Take a look at the available Brooks B17 Select saddles for sale below and choose one looks as though will suit you and your bicycle to get further information.

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Brooks England Bicycle Saddle B17 Select Line B211EA07228 Organic leather
Brooks England Bicycle Saddle B17 Select Line B211EA07228 Organic leather
Time Remaining: 25d 12h 38m
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Saddle Product Details

Length: 275mm
Width: 175mm
Height: 65mm
Weight: 540g
Frame: Black Steel Rails

What the Manufacturer Says

Steel This version of the B17 is made with our extra tough, organic leather for high mileage cyclists. It also features our hand hammered copper rivets. The B17 is our flagship model, ideal for long distance sports touring, trekking and ATB use. It has been on the market for over 100 years, being featured in as early as the 1898 catalogue . The model is available for gents and ladies: the B17 (gents) and B17 S (ladies). The Standard models feature black steel rails, the B17 Special features copper plated steel metalwork, and the B17 Special, the B17 Titanium and the B17 Select also feature hand hammered copper rivets.

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