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Bontrager Race Lux Saddle

The Bontrager Race Lux saddle comes standard with the range of Trek bicycles such as the Trek 1200 Racer. This saddle is considered to be rather uncomfortable when compared to many of the saddles that sit in the same niche. It is a saddle that performs well as a stock saddle and could be considered to be a good starting point with a moderate level of padding.

The saddle is not lightweight at around 300g and the rails are hollow CroMoly underneath a smooth synthetic leather cover. The shape of the saddle is quite sleek and this narrow profile helps to keep some of the weight down.

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Bontrager Race Lux Saddle Features

• Weight: 300 grams
• Widths: 135mm
• Length: 278mm
• Rails: Hollow CroMoly
• Cover: Synthetic Leather

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