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When it comes to top of the range quality bicycle saddles there are a few names that long-time bike riders are going to mention as the more trustworthy and Bontrager is one of them. This is a company that has been dedicated to providing cyclists with the highest quality equipment for many years and the selection of saddles that comes from the company backs this up.

The Bontrager saddles lines cover the full range of possible cycling pursuits and have been divided up into the following lines: Road; inForm; Women's Specific Design; MTB; Triathlon; Fitness & Recreation, and; Kids.

A number of saddles in the range can be classed in a couple of the disciplines that are listed above and that will be indicated withing the reviews of the relevant saddles. Where possible the various saddles will be listed under multiple categories to give you the best indication of what the saddle is best used for.

The Bontrager company acknowledges on their website that the bicycle saddle is a very personal component choice and that comfort is crucial to the enjoyment of their chosen pastime. The company provides a comfort guarantee with their saddles hoping to engender the greatest confidence in the saddles that are being considered for sale.

Listed below is a selection of Bontrager saddles that are currently commonly available to buy and are popularly used by bicycling enthusiasts of all standards. The saddles have been listed under the category that the company has allocated for them to help you in making your decision. In order to find out the difference between certain saddles that are listed within the same category we invite you to select the saddle to find technical information and specifications as well as buying details.

Bontrager Saddle Models – Information and Sales

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Road Saddles
Team Issue
The Team Issue is the saddle that the professional ride with and features a cover, base and rails that have been designed with the ultimate in comfort and performance in mind.
  inForm RXL
The Bontrager inForm RXL saddle is the top of the line road saddle in the Bontrager range available in three different widths to suit a variety of body types.
  inForm RL
The Bontrager inForm RL saddle has been designed with the RXL as the model, making use of the superlight zone density foam padding to give the saddle the necessary support.
  Affinity RXL
The Bontrager Affinity RXL saddle is a road saddle that has been designed for the rider who prefers riding in a more upright position.
  Affinity RXL WSD
The Bontrager Affinity RXL WSD saddle is the women's version of the Affinity RXL and has been made slightly wider.
  Bontrager Race Lux
The Bontrager Race Lux saddle comes standard with the range of Trek bicycles such as the Trek 1200 Racer.
inForm Saddles
  inForm R
The Bontrager inForm R is a road saddle that will also provide good support and comfort for use in cross country conditions.
  inForm R WSD
The Bontrager inForm R WSD is the women’s version of the R which is a road saddle that will also combines great support and comfort.
  Evoke RXL
The Bontrager Evoke RXL saddle is a MTB saddle that has been lightweight and has been designed for a great range of movement as the bike is taken over all kinds of terrain.
The Bontrager SSR saddle is a versatile saddle that fits a sleek profile but is just as effective on the road as off.