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Avenir Plush Plus Saddle

The Avenir Plush Plus saddle features the dual comfort features of super-soft foam padding for a soft feel on top and dual coil springs underneath to absorb shock. Another added feature to assist with providing comfort to the rider is the center channel that has been designed to eliminate any pressure to the sensitive parts of the body.

Not only does this saddle provide the casual rider with the kind of support that is required to ensure there is no sinking feeling, it does so at a price that will ensure that everyone will be able to afford to buy one.

Take a look at the Avenir Plush Plus saddles that have been listed for sale below. They represent some of the best priced comfort saddles available on the market today.

Avenir Plush Plus Saddle For Sale

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The Avenir Plush Plus saddle provides the rider with the preferred wide seat for greater weight distribution. This ensures that the part-time cyclist is going to feel as though they are being cradled from the first pedal stroke. Padding features above and below the saddle completes the deal to ensure that this is a saddle that will suit many occasional riders.