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Avenir Comfy Sport Road Saddle

The Avenir Comfy Road saddle has been designed to provide the rider with the most cushioned possible saddle while not allowing it to become too soft. The way this is achieved is through the use of memory foam padding on top. This thick padding not only gives the rider a cushioned seat to sit on but the foam molds itself to the precise contours of the body to give it plenty of support too.

The Comfy saddle is available in either a men’s or a women’s model with the men’s model (pictured above)  featuring a recessed center channel for the relief of possible pressure while the women’s saddle is slightly wider and has a cut-out section.

This particular saddle has been designed with a more sporty profile in that it has a narrow nose and a rear that, while wide compared to other saddles is still reasonably thin. The saddle is distinct to the Comfy Soft Top in terms of its size in that it is significantly smaller.

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Avenir Comfy Road Saddle For Sale

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While some people prefer the softer padded comfort saddles they can feel a little too spongy and can reduce the power that is able to be exerted when pedalling. The memory foam padding of the Comfy Road saddle provides a firmer base while maintaining the padded feeling that the casual rider might prefer.

There have been complaints that the saddle becomes uncomfortable on rides that last longer than an hour, but then, this is a comfort saddle and is designed for riders who ride short distances and for shorter lengths of time.

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