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Avenir Comfy Soft Top Saddle

The Avenir Comfy Soft Top saddle is a saddle that has been designed for total comfort for riders who require added padding. The saddle is available in two different types that have been designed specifically for men and women. The extra-thick top that has been padded with memory foam. This means that the saddle will conform it’s shape to the contours of the body sitting on it increasing the comfort over long periods of time.

The saddle is available in a completely black cover or a black and white combination. In both cases the side stripes along the sides are actually reflective strips to add to the safety features of the saddle. The saddle is also fitted with elastomer springs that help to absorb shock on either the road or the trails.

Discomfort caused by constant pressure from the saddle surface has been relieved by a cut-out section.

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Avenir Comfy Soft Top Saddle For Sale

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The Comfy Soft Top is a saddle that a recreational rider is going to be looking for. It is pointless in worrying terribly much about the weight of the saddle because this design has not been produced with the question of weight in mind. Complete attention is paid to the comfort features to ensure the rider feels good on the saddle. The use of memory foam means that you won’t be sitting on a saddle that will feel overly spongy. A little bit of support with the padding represents a good combination.

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