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Avenir Classic Cruiser Saddle

The Avenir Classic Cruiser saddle not only looks comfortable but follows through with the promise. This is a very good looking saddle featuring stitching that gives the saddle the older style of look. The saddle is nice and wide allowing the body’s weight to be spread over a greater area and the lightweight padding provides comfort and support without making the saddle overly heavy.

When it comes to features underneath the saddle, Avenir have really done a lot of work to ensure the suspension is going to be second to none. Not only are compression and tension springs built in to either side of the rear of the saddle the front is also equipped with a hairpin spring. This is backed up by horizontal springs that span the seating section of the saddle. In short, the Classic Cruiser is going to provide the casual rider with one of the most comfortable seats possible.

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Avenir Classic Cruiser Saddle For Sale

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The Avenir Classic Cruiser saddle is available in a choice of two colors: either white or brown. There is plenty of soft foam padding on top and sturdy chrome plated steel rails underneath making it a saddle that looks good and performs its job exceptionally well.